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Maria Fontaine

Raised in Los Angeles, CA, my journey with the Lord began when my youngest son was born. My love for the Lord led me to flagging & dancing for Him. Dancing for the Lord makes me feel a closeness that cannot be described but rather felt.

“Then David danced before the Lord with all his might.”
2 Samuel 6:14


It began 20 years ago as I danced for the Lord. As my collection of silk flags grew I realized I would need something to hold my flags in, so I created my first Flag Bag. When others saw the beautiful bags I made they began to ask me to make them a flag bag. As the need grew so did my business. And I thank the Lord daily for the opportunity to create Flag Bags for others..

“You have turned for me my mourning into dancing.”
Psalms 30:11

Our Flag Bags

All flag bags are made with Mesh and 100% Cotton fabric, unless otherwise stated. Flag Bags vary in size, trim, beading, piping, and binding. All Flag Bags have one small and one large pocket. Each Flag Bag is tripled-seamed and comes with a long handle for easy handling. All Flag Bags have a soft, durable rubber bottom for stability. We welcome custom orders and custom fabric may be supplied.

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